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The journey to free ourselves from fear and self-doubt requires patience and commitment. Recognizing that aspects of our minds exist beyond consciousness is crucial in this pursuit. Psychoanalysis empowers us to expand our influence over life's landscape, prompting a transformative shift in how we confront limitations and sources of distress.

The psychoanalytic approach presents a distinctive view of humanity, interpreting us as creatures shaped by language and entwined with both conscious and unconscious phenomena. Within this therapeutic venture, we endeavor to reconstruct our emotional rapport with our thoughts and behaviors, challenging repetitive patterns and elusive idealizations.

The process of analysis represents, in truth, a meticulous exploration of ourselves, peering into symptoms that guide us to the origins of our anxieties. The same origins that can serve as a wellspring of creativity, enabling us to forge innovative strategies to sail across suffering and embrace new routes to relish life.

Felipe Karpinski Massaro, Brazilian Therapist

Felipe Massaro is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, with a B.S. in Psychology (UFSC) and a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychopathology from the University of Barcelona. He also studied Dramaturgy at the University of California in Los Angeles, and earned his Ph.D. in Creative Writing (PUCRS) with a dissertation that delved into processes of creation, psychic suffering, and psychoanalysis.

With clinical expertise in Brazil and abroad, he has worked in providing assistance to immigrants in Oslo, Norway, and served as a technical consultant for the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

The introduction of an order of determinations into human existence, into the domain of meaning, is what we call reason. Freud's discovery is the rediscovery, on fallow ground, of reason.

– Jacques Lacan